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History of Hajj


The Hajj as we know is one of the most important activities performed by the Muslims. This ritual started by Prophet Abraham (Ibraheem). He was bestowed by Allah as a messenger to the people for teaching people the path of virtue and righteousness. It was once that the Almighty had ordained Prophet Abraham (Ibraheem) to build the Kaabah along with his son Ishmael at Makkah. The Prophet with no excuses and with hardcore efficiency started building the Kaabah.

It so happened once that the Prophet had to leave his wife Hagar and his son Ishmael by the command of Allah and visit the deserts for some time. Due to scorching heat of the city, Prophet's baby felt thirsty and started crying. His mother, Hagar could not see him crying and so she started searching for water so that she can pacify her son. The first thing she did was she climbed the hill nearest to her known Al- Safa, but unfortunately she found nothing. She then went to another hill called Al-Marwah where she could see Ishmael as she had kept the child all alone. As the hills were connected by a valley she used to run in through the valleys and walk to the side of the hills to see whether her son is safe or not. Likewise she ran through these valleys seven times in the burning heat before returning back to Ishmael. Suddenly in the midst of this she saw a fountain splashing with clear water near his son's foot and came rushing. The water that was coming out was named as ZamZam. This was a reward given to Hagar from Allah.

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