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Umrah E-Visa 

SAR. 600/-

Complete Transport (Airport transfer, Makkah-Medinah-Makkah-Jeddah Airport) BY BUS

Documents Required for Umrah Visa

Pakistani National

Overseas Pakistani
Foreign National 
  1. Pakistani Machine Readable Passport valid for 8 months

  2. Nadra CNIC

  3. Four Photographs with blue background

  4. Bio-metric verification slip 

  1. Machine Readable Passport valid for 8 months

  2. Nadra NICOP Original 

  3. Four Photographs with blue back ground

  4. Bio-metric verification slip 

  1. Machine Readable Passport valid for 8 months

  2. Valid Pakistani Visa (validity 6 months)

  3. Four Photographs with blue back ground

  4. Bio-metric verification slip 

Blessed Friday Terms & Conditions 

  1. Blessed Friday deals will only be applicable on booking made on Friday

  2. Cannot be availed in combination with another deal 

  3. Rates mentioned In Packages are Subject to confirmation/ Changes without prior notice

  4. 100% Payments to be paid In Advance before confirmation

  5. Those Customer applying for visa only service Must provide "Definite Hotel Confirmation" of Makkah and Madinah Hotels

  6. Customer(s)/ Travler(s) is/are bound to inform Arqem Lahore (Pvt) Ltd. with flight details and travel plan at least 07 working days prior to departure date. failure to do so if any fine is levied by Saudi authority, traveler will be liable to pay. 

  7. Those customers availing transfers (Transport) Must follow finalized schedule  

  8. Above rates Include 5% Vat Tax and 5% Municipal fee (Saudi Tax) , any new tax or change in percentage implemented by Government of Pakistan or by Saudi authority will be payable by Muatmareen / Pilgrim.

  9. If travel Insurance is conditioned by Saudi Govt charges will apply

  10. If any Tax, fee, Surcharges, is levied by Saudi Government, Pakistani Govt or Competent Authority  it will be charged accordingly and to be paid by Passenger.

  11. All fares/ Taxes quoted are net payable in Pakistani rupees. Any change in saudi riyal exchange rate will be payable by Traveler

  12. Failure to or delay in submitting passport on given date, Arqem Lahore ( Pvt) Ltd. bears no responsibility in case of rejection or delay in visa.

  13. Arqem Lahore (Pvt) Ltd will not be responsible for Visa rejection by saudi authority.

  14. Please check package validity, mentioned in page, package is only valid in mentioned time frame.

  15. All Transfers (Transport)  In KSA is subject to delay.    

  16. All services are subject to Changes Due to:

  17. Force Majeure Event

    • an act of war (whether declared or not), hostilities, invasion, act of foreign enemies, terrorism or civil disorder, fire, flood, atmospheric disturbance, lightning, storm, Typhon, earthquake, washout, epidemic, or other acts of God strike or strikes or other industrial action or blockade or embargo or any other form of civil disturbance.

    • Changes in any applicable Local/Saudi Arabia law preventing Arqem Lahore (Pvt) Ltd  from carrying tour itinerary.

    • Changes due to change in airline schedule by the airline.

  18. It would be mandatory for female pilgrim of any age to be accompanied by a mehram. wherein female of 45 years and above are exempted from mehram

  19. Such applicants who have been barred from travelling abroad by any court/placed on ECL are not entitled to proceed.

  20. For all international passengers before their departure As per Saudi Taleemat, vaccination would be ensured before departure to KSA. Moreover, polio vaccination is also mandatory.

  21.  “Drug Trafficking” is banned and in case of violation, perpetrators can be thrown in jail,lashed, or even publicly executed/beheaded. Moreover, as per Saudi laws, Saudi authorities can disqualify the offender for future visit of any kind to KSA  in addition to any other legal action taken by part of a pilgrim contrary to laws/ regulations of Saudi Arabia like begging, political and immoral practices, drug trafficking, theft, etc shall

  22. All the Travels are required to strictly abide by the laws and regulations of the host country during their stay in KSA.

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