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16-18 Days

16-18 Days

Starts at USD $ 10,200/-

Maktab Category : A
Makkah  :Clock Tower Movenpick/Eqv
Madinah : Hilton Madinah/Eqv 

16-18 Days

 Airfare Included at USD $ 1000/-

Price Per Person

Room Sharing   In Makkah & Madinah Hotel

Twin Bed

USD $ (US Dollar) 


Triple Bed

Quadruple Bed

Special Note: 

All Rooms in Makkah and Madinah Hotels are Double/ Twin Bed.Triple Bed room is twin bed + 1 Fold out bed | Quad Bed Room is twin bed + 2 Fold out bed

Airfare included at USD 1000. Expected Airfare USD 1000-1500- Acutal Market Airfare will be charged at time of ticket issuance.


Platinum Hajj Package

Hajj 2023

USD $ (US Dollar) 


USD $ (US Dollar) 


Lahore to Madinah

 16th June 2023

Jeddah/to Lahore

02nd July 2023

Tentative Flight Schedule

Overview of Hajj Tour

16-17 Day flow_4x.png

Maktab : A Category 

Private  Extra washroom in Mina

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Buffet 


Assisted Umrah on arrival in Makkah

5 Star Hotel in Makkah and Madinah

Private Vip bus transport for transfers (Intercity) Model 2022

Private Vip bus transport for transfer during Hajj days 

Makkah and Madinah Ziayarat included Subject to approval from Saudi Authority

Accomodation Details


Swissotell/Fairmont-Abraj Al Bait /Hayyat Jable-Omar/Eqv

Hotel Type: 5 Star

Nights : 3 Nights (1st Zil-Hajj till 4th Zil-Hajj)

Meals  : Half Board (Breakfast buffet and Dinner Buffet)

Sharing basis: As per chosen Package 


Shifting Building  

Type:  Shifting Executive Accommodation in Azziziah/Shaukia/Kakia/ others

Days : 7/8 Days   +/- 1 Day  (4th till 7th Zil-Hajj) & (14th  till 16th Zil-Hajj)  

Meal:  Full Board (Pakistani Multi Menu Buffet) +Mineral Water +24 hours Hot Tea Coffee and cold Beverages,Ice Cream/ Sweets

Sharing Basis: 5-6 Persons Separate room available for families for details download   attached Hajj Package

Madinah Hotel

Hilton Madinah / Eqv

Hotel Type: 5 Star

02/03 Nights (27th Zil-Qaidah till 01st  Zil-Hajj)

Meals  : Half Board (Hotel Breakfast buffet and Dinner buffet)

Sharing Basis: As per chosen Package

Hajj Days(Mashair)

08th Zilhajjah-12/13th ZilHajjah 

  • MINA: Best Closest location in Mina very near to  Jamarat. Air Conditioned carpeted Camps in Mina with Gypsum Walls and Doors.  12-14 persons in one camp, 2-3 Camps can be Combined. Gender based sharing. Up size Sofa  cum bed with side arms in Mina + pillow + Blanket 

  • Transport Via Special Chartered Private Bus Latest Model  During Mashair  (Hajj Days)-Mina/Arafat/Muzdalifah

  • Meal : Special Buffet Meal provided in Mina Breakfast, Lunch and dinner Buffet +  24 hours Hot and cold beverages(Tea, Coffee,  Water, Fruit juice, laban etc) + Ice Cream

  • Arafat (9th Zil hajj) Air conditioned Marquee + Special Lunch

  • Muzdalifah Quilted Sleeping Mat  + Snack Box 

Documents Required

  • Pakistani Passport  Validity 26 December 2023

  • Valid CNIC 

  • Contact details

  • 4 Photograph (blue background) Female Head Neck and Ears Should be covered

  • Blood Group

  • Next of Kin details CNIC and Contact No

  • Vaccination Card


  1. ​ Ihram for Male and Abaya for Female

  2.  Hajj ID Card and Luggage tag 

  3. Trolley Bag 

  4.  Backpack Bag/ Shoulder Bag

  5. Documents Bag

  6.  Shoes Bag

  7. Prayer Mat/ Chattai

  8. Tawaf Tasbeeh 

  9. Umbrella

  10. Water Bottle  

Limited Seats! First Come First Serve

Terms & Conditions

  1. Above Packages and facilities are subject to approval from MORA.

  2. Mashair Facilities ( Hajj Days 8th-13th Zill Hajja) is subject to facilities provided by moalam

  3. All the Hujjaj are required to strictly abide by the laws and regulations of the host country during their stay in KSA. Any activity on the part of a pilgrim contrary to laws/ regulations of Saudi Arabia like begging, political and immoral practices, drug trafficking, theft, etc shall disqualify the offender for future visit of any kind to KSA by the Government of Pakistan, in addition to any other legal action taken by Saudi authorities. Moreover, as per Saudi laws, “Drug Trafficking” is banned and in case of violation, perpetrators can be thrown in jail, lashed, or even publicly executed/beheaded.

  4. All the Hujjaj will be provided five (05) liters of ZamZam on their return to Pakistan by the designated airlines.

  5. All Hujjaj are required to move to “Jamarat” in groups and in accordance with the time specified for their Rammi (stoning) movement according to the Saudi taleemat (Instructions)as informed by Makatab”.

  6. Hajj Package Price is estimated/calculated in Saudi Riyal, however for

    1. (a) Hajj Pilgrims from Pakistan payment will be made accepted in Pak Rupee. Saudi Riyal to Pak Rupee Conversion rate : Bank TT rate on the date of transfer to Saudi will apply, If payments are being made in installmentsBalance (Remaining) amount will be subject to following/successive PKR to SAR Bank TT Rate

    2. (b) Hajj Pilgrim Under Sponsor Ship Scheme US Dollar Rate will Apply

  7. ​ Payment Procedure

    1. ​(a) For Hajj Pilgrims from Pakistan Saudi Riyal amount will be converted to Pakistan rupee Payments are to be made By Cross Cheque/ Bank Draft/ Pay order in Name of “ARQEM LAHORE (PVT) LTD.”

    2. (b) Hajj Pilgrim Under Sponsor Ship Scheme Deposit/Transfer in Company USD account

    • 50% Payment at the time of booking and balance 50% at the time Hajj application submission, failure to follow payment plan ARQEM LAHORE (PVT) LTD. Reserves the right to cancel or substitute Hajj application.

  8. ​​No of Days in Makkah or Madinah Hotel can be reduced subject to Flight Availability. No refund will be given in such case

  9. All Dates are subject to Changes Due to:

    1. ​​​Changes in Islamic/Gregorian calendar dates due to Moon Sighting

    2.  Force Majeure Event

      1. an act of war (whether​​ declared or not), hostilities, invasion, act of foreign enemies, terrorism or civil disorder;

      2.  fire, flood, atmospheric disturbance, lightning, storm, Typhon, earthquake, washout, epidemic, or other acts of God

      3.  a strike or strikes or other industrial action or blockade or embargo or any other form of civil disturbance

      4.  changes in any applicable Local/Saudi Arabia law preventing Arqem Lahore (Pvt) Ltd from carrying tour itinerary

      5.  changes due to change in airline schedule by the airline

      6.  Given Current Economic Condition and foreign reserve (forex) situation of Pakistan. Any delay in payment being sent by bank or state bank or any limit set by govt. Stop or hold Payment Instruction due to above mentioned reason Arqem Lahore (pvt) Ltd. will not be responsible. for outcome

  10. ​​Failure or delay in submitting passport on given date, Arqem Lahore ( Pvt) Ltd. Bears no responsibility in case of rejection or delay in visa stamping

  11. Arqem Lahore (Pvt) Ltd. Will not be responsible for any delay or non issuance of Hajj Visa by the consulate

  12.  In case of “Sent to Embassy” Status physical passport will need to be sent to Saudi Embassy PKR. 30,000/- Will be charged

  13. Package price does not include any visa fee or tax except mentioned below. If any visa fee on repeating Hajj or regular hajj if imposed will be payable by Hajji

  14. Above Package includes 15% Vat & 5% Municipal(Saudi Tax) Any additional tax/fee or change in percentage of existing tax by Saudi Arabian govt. Pakistan Govt or Any Airport authority is imposed, will be payable by Hajji/Traveler.

  15. If additional Amount Imposed by Molam/ Maktab/ Service center or any other authority will be payable by haji

  16. Actual market Airfare will be charged Etihad, Emirate,Qatar, Saudi, Airblue,PIA, Oman Air, gulf, Kuwait etc any airline can be chosen airfare will be charged as per Current System/market rate.

  17. Luggage/baggage policy will be as per Airline policy. Excess luggage movement will be on the risk and cost of Haji

  18. All 5 Star hotel Room are Double/Twin bed, Triple Bed means two twin bed + 1 fold-out bed, and Quad bed mean Twin+ 2 fold-out bed

  19. All Hujjaj are required to attend Hajj Training Session and administrative presentation. Attendance is mandatory

  20. Hajj Packages are non cancel able after Submission of Hajj Application to Govt of Pakistan | Substitution of Hajj Application will be as per govt policy

  21. After Issuance of Hajj Visa. or after Rejection of Substitution HAJJ Package is not refundable. 

Rediscover Your Faith

Rediscover Your Faith

Limited Seats


Fairmount Makkah.jpg



2/3 Nights Stay at

5 Star Hotel In Madinah


Maktab Category : A 
Private Bus
Sofa Bed With Side arms in Mina
Ac Mina Tent
Ac Arafat tent

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