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The following are the mandatory conditions for intending applicants in the light of Hajj policy 2023.

  1. International Machine Readable Pakistani Passport valid up-to 26.12.2023 and valid CNIC.

  2. Failure to or delay in submitting passport on given date, Arqem Lahore ( Pvt) Ltd. bears no responsibility in case of rejection or delay in visa stamping.

  3. 50% payment at the time of booking and balance 50% at the time Hajj application submission, failure to follow payment plan ARQEM LAHORE (PVT) LTD. reserves the right to cancel or substitute Hajj application. 

  4. Payment are to be made to "Arqem Lahore ( Pvt) Ltd." by cross cheque/ bank draft/ Pay order. 

  5. Cancellation Charges PKR. 100,000/- per Hajj seat before submission of Hajj Application to MORA.

  6. After submission of Hajj application to MORA " Ministry of Religious Affairs, Pakistan" the hajj application cannot be canceled. No refund Claim after submission to MORA.  

  7. Airfare refund as per policy of Airline.

  8. Medical fitness certificate issued by a Medical Officer of any hospital or medical facility of the Federal / Provincial or Local Government /Armed Forces, semi-government organization / Autonomous body / Corporation. Lunatics, mentally unstable and chronically ill persons will not be allowed. In case, status is discovered contrary to the medical certification his nominee will be solely responsible for any mishap in KSA and Ministry reserves the right to cancel his selection for Hajj or repatriation from KSA.

  9. It would be mandatory for female pilgrim of any age to be accompanied by a mehram. However, in case of Fiqah Jafria pilgrim, mandatory condition of mehram shall be implemented in the light of Saudi taleemat wherein female of 45 years and above are exempted from mehram.

  10. All male pilgrims above 70 years of age may preferably be accompanied by an eligible male attendant/family member Further, disabled applicants are required to be accompanied by a male attendant to proceed for Hajj.

  11.  Such applicants who have been barred from travelling abroad by any court/placed on ECL are not entitled to proceed for Hajj 2023.

  12. As per Saudi Taleemat, vaccination against meningitis and seasonal flu would be ensured before departure to KSA. Moreover, polio vaccination is also mandatory for all international passengers before their departure. Arrangements will be made by the Ministry at the respective Haji camps. 

  13. Hajji will have to pay the additional taxes levied, if any, by the Saudi Authorities prior to their departure for Hajj.

  14. It is mandatory for All pilgrims to sign Hajj Agreement. those who are not available to sign due to medical or unavailability, is such cases accompanying pilgrim during hajj tour can sign. it will be his/her responsibility to understand terms and condition. and inform pilgrim about hajj agreement.    

  15. All arrangements for Hajj  (Hotels, Flight, Maktab, food, Transportation are  subject to "force majeure events"  and can be changed

  16. Force Majeure Event

    1. an act of war (whether declared or not), hostilities, invasion, act of foreign enemies, terrorism or civil disorder;  

    2. fire, flood, atmospheric disturbance, lightning, storm, Typhon, earthquake, washout, epidemic, or other acts of God

    3. a strike or strikes or other industrial action or blockade or embargo or any other form of civil disturbance

    4. changes in any applicable Local/Saudi Arabia law preventing Arqem Lahore (Pvt) Ltd from carrying tour itinerary

    5. changes due to change in airline schedule by the airline

  17. In the event of a pilgrim’s demise during his/her stay in KSA, whether natural or accidental, he or she would be buried in Saudi Arabia as per Saudi Taleemat. 

  18. All the Hujjaj are required to strictly abide by the laws and regulations of the host country during their stay in KSA. Any activity on the part of a pilgrim contrary to laws/ regulations of Saudi Arabia like begging, political and immoral practices, drug trafficking, theft, etc shall disqualify the offender for future visit of any kind to KSA by the Government of Pakistan, in addition to any other legal action taken by Saudi authorities.  Moreover, as per Saudi laws, “Drug Trafficking” is banned and in case of violation, perpetrators can be thrown in jail, lashed, or even publicly executed/beheaded.

  19. The Hujjaj should carry their luggage in the standard bags according to the notified baggage sizes as per airlines’ instructions (printed on air-ticket). In case of failure to comply with the same, neither Arqem Lahore (Pvt) Ltd. nor the airline in question would be obliged to carry the luggage of the Haji. 

  20. All the Hujjaj will be provided five (05) liters of ZamZam on their return to Pakistan by the designated airlines.

  21. All Hujjaj are required to move to “Jamarat” in groups and in accordance with the time specified for their Rammi (stoning) movement according to the Saudi taleemat(Instructions) as informed by Makatab”.

  22. Comprehensive Hajj Training sessions regarding Hajj 2023 would be conducted which shall be mandatory for applicant.

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