• Arqem Hajj

The Kaabah

The Kaabah is one of the most important structures built by the Prophet Abraham (Ibraheem) in the history of Islam. The structure of Kaabah is like a cube. It is situated in the city of Saudi Arabia. The Kaabah is covered with a black cloth all over it and is slightly twisted from downwards so that the pilgrims can touch the original wall. Also it is an obligation to all Muslims who visits the Kaaba to move in the region of the Kaabah and pray during the time of Hajj. This act is called as a Tawaaf in the Arabic language. If a person rotates seven times around the Kaabah it is counted as one Tawaaf. It is mandatory to rotate seven times in order to complete one Tawaaf. It is said that if a person does nothing but sits quietly and looks at the holy Kaabah will definitely earn rewards









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