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Umrah Visa Rules 1441 H/ 2019

Umrah Season in now open, visa are being issued but this is not the complete picture.

As Saudi Arabia has introduced a different system for Umrah booking this year 2019 and it being implemented at last minute. Which has created a lot of confusion and temporary problem for Umrah Organizers and pilgrims most of which have been ironed out at the time of writing of this article.

If you are Planing to perform Umrah, what does it mean for you?

1) SAR. 2000/- Umrah repeat fee removed

This means that is if you performed umrah last year you wont have to pay additional fees. This will benefit a lot of people.

2) Addition Visa fee + other Tax

Under the new system Saudi govt Visa fee + ground handling fee and new taxes on hotel and transport has been implemented. Visa will cost SAR. 850+ for adult, child and infant alike

3) Hotel and transport to be booked before Issuance of Visa

This is probably the most important change this year Making it mandatory to make hotel and transport reservation/ booking (through a new reservation system MAQAM) before applying for visa.You can not book hotel on your own or just get a visa.

Reservation made through saudi system will only be accepted by saudi ministry for visa processing. Every booking will have a unique booking ID BNR which has to be added in the portal while applying for Umrah visa.

Please note that the time of writing of this article Umrah Visa/ reservation system (BNR) is not live properly.

Hope this article cleared a lot of confusion around Umrah

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