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Hajj Policy 2020 / 1441

As per sources from Ministry of Religious Affairs and interfaith harmony it is expected that Federal cabinet will announce Hajj policy 2020 by end of January.

Earlier hajj policy was to be announced by end of December 2019 and then In the first week of January 2020 ,as per internal sources There are multiple reason for delay in finalisation of Hajj Policy.

The main reason being sited for delay in hajj policy is that govt of Pakistan have yet not been able to finalise Price for Govt Hajj Package and the deadlock between airline and Ministry. The ministry is not ready to raise the airfares by 10%

it is expected that Hajj Package 2020 will increase exponentially compared to Hajj 2019  due to: 

  1.  Increase in exchange rate of Saudi Riyal as compared to previous year 

  2.  increase in  price of accommodation in Makkah and Madinah Hotel

  3. Saudia Arabia’s government has imposed visa fees of 300 SAR and insurance fees of 110 SAR on every pilgrim.

Private Hajj policy can be delayed further because ministry is still selecting audit firms for assessment of enrolled companies. It can take up-to two and a half months approximately.

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